A Scrumptious Family Project


What's Christmas without cookies and baking?! 
I don't know about you, but I have so many flashbacks decorating treats and baking with Mom. Wanting my boys to have the same memories and because Mr. Sonboul also didn't have youthful moments like this, decorating cookies was a must this last weekend. I dug around my pantry and found all kinds of fun sweets to embellish the cookies. From chocolate chips to lucky charm's left over scraps (all the marshmallows picked out by the boys and me at breakfast time ;), we got to work.  
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It was fun seeing all the different cookies and I just adored Mr. Sonboul's Christmas Liberty Bell cookie. When we were done there were no morsels left behind, made sure by the boys... and me. 


The Sonboul's holiday celebrations are off to a perfect start!

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Jenn V said...

These cookies are super, super cute! I love that you used things you already had in your pantry. Lucky charms=awesome!

The Ark said...

Awesome job everyone! Love, Nana