About Me

my name is Heidi Sonboul and I have been overly blessed throughout my life.
As a little girl I remember sitting by my mother's side as she crafted her newest project. From Easter dresses to paintings I was hooked. Her love of crafting influenced my life in great ways and I'm here to spread that passion with you.

When I was 19 I married the love of my life and his love made me feel safe from all my worries. Just a few years later we welcomed our sweet Bradley to the world. It was at that moment I truly understood what life was really all about! Then 3 years, 1 month and 5 days later... we welcomed my passionate fiery Calvin to the world. I'm out number to boys and I'm okay with it. In fact I love it! My days are spent crafting, playing with LEGOS with my boys and trying to keep our home clean.

When I turned 29, I set out searching for the true me. I feel that motherhood and busy day to day items can sometimes throw us off our track and before I turn 30 I wanted to remember who I truly am. After reevaluating everything, I love me and am feeling amazing!

As you visit my blog, I hope you find inspiration. I dedicate this to my family and all the things I do in between. Whether they be great or just a scrapbook layout... I love life and again... I am overly blessed!

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