Crazy Hair Day part 3

I must say that I truly look forward to this time of year, when Bradley's school (and now also Calvin's school) does crazy hair day. I get into it a little too much and it leads me into funny situations. This year I was thinking and thinking how in the world am I going to top last year, because lets be honest that was over the top crazy hair! So the boys and I took a trip to Michael's and after walking through the feather aisle I thought... let's GLUE feathers in your hair. I myself thought... "glue? am I going too far this year?", but the boys liked the idea and so we rolled with it.

While doing the test drive I was really nervous, because Elmers glue was only working so-so. Later that day I went and looked for a spray adhesive and once again thank you scrapbook world I found a non permanent adhesive. The morning arrived and I woke up early with the boys to make sure that we had enough time to get everything in their hair.

1st - put Elmers glue in the boys hair
2nd- layered on the first layer of feather trying to cover all their hair
3rd- used the spray adhesive only on the feathers and then I layered on more feathers
4rd- more spray and layered on more feathers
5th- Hot glued on eyeballs made from foam balls with paint. By the time their hair was covered the hot glue stuck to the feather and not their hair

And now... here it is. Over all it took me about an hour to do both of the boys hair and they looked so darn cute. Calvin loved being in on the fun this year and as always he made the best faces in his photos.


NOW...which is your favorite Crazy hair day year? I loved seeing all of these side by side :)
I can't wait until next year, because I have another good idea ;)

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Cindy deRosier said...

Awesome. I bet everyone in the school can't wait til next year either, simply to see what you come up with.

Emilie said...

You're. Wicked. Cool.