Best Christmas Work Party EVER!

Mr. Sonboul has been working (for Enterprise Rent A Car) for about 13 year and we have been to a ton of Christmas work parties. The company spends major money on these parties and they are always enjoyable. There is delicious food, jamming music and friends to celebrate with. This company really knows how to party and having my name on the guest list is the best! This year the company decided to take ALL their employees to Medieval Times and I've always wanted to go there.


I was a little nervous about the food since I am a vegetarian and the joint is a meaty place, but to my surprise they had something for everyone. I think the funniest part is that you don't get any utensils and have to eat with your hands. As soon as we were seated in the Yellow Knights section, the show began and the food came rushing out. Every time we finished eating something, more food would show up.  To sum it all up... every moment was a blast and packed with cheering for our hero. I definitely want to take the boys here. There is no doubt, I know they will LOVE this place!


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Cindy deRosier said...

I've always wanted to go there! I'm glad to hear they have vegetarian food too. Even though I eat meat, I can only eat a few bites of it at any meal, so I'm always careful to make sure there are non-meat foods as well. Glad you had a great time!