Some Exciting Fassy News.

While picking out my clothes 
for a busy day, something 
exciting happened!

I went to pull on my jeans


I have gone from a size 24 (oh my)...
to a size 20 (oh yes!).
Once I get down to a size 18,
I'll go and get some new pants/jeans
and I'll take you all along for the experience


A comment was left asking to see updated weight loss photos,
but I'm waiting until I hit -50 lbs.
You can see how I looks when I started
It's pretty funny.

Here is this week's weight loss motivation.
When I get preggo again,
I want to look preggo and not just fassy.

Once upon a time I went to get a pedicure
with my BFF and while enjoying having my feet rubbed
(at 9 months), I say
"Man, I can't wait to have this little guy"

The lady that owned the shop said:
"Oh...you're pregnant? I just thought you were fat".

I just about died!!! She was from another country
and was just being honest, but I just about died!
So, I would really like to look preggo this next
time around. Cute and preggo!
That's not too much to ask is it?

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Pam Callaghan said...

I have said this before but you are one of this bravest people I know for putting this story out there!!! You rock! And you are doing great. It is best not to loose too much weight at once,but slow and steady wins!! I will call you today if I get a chance, I have been running around like a mad woman!!!!

Melinda said...

yay! great job! i saw in yesterday's post that you haven't missed a day! and thats awesome! keep it up!

Julia said...

WoW-ZeR!!!! Isn't it great to have loose jeans!!!! I'm not there yet but after my first week...I'm down 2.5 pounds...and I owe it all to you! Thanks for all the wonderful motivation!!

Nicole said...

Good job, you can do this!!