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Today my boys are home sick. It's just a simple cold and I'm trying to keep it from turning into bronchitis again. By know you all know how much bronchitis LOVES to visit our family in the fall and winter seasons. Even though they are sick I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda happy we get an extra day at home. The weekend was FUN, but long. Went to 2 parties and a Lakers game (I'll blog about that tomorrow), that was just Saturday. Sunday we went to hang out with family in town and to celebrate my moms birthday.

There was way too much food and even with being a spaz (by trying to eat really well), I still went over my points. Darn it! I'm okay with it though, because it's not showing on the scale.

So today on this down day. I will be ...

Working out to the 2nd DVD in the Zumba kit.
I did it last week and I just about cried. It's 1hr long and OH THE PAIN!

I will be making something like this, because I love pretty reminders and check lists.
From Emilie Ahern


Checking out my new favorite blog and getting ideas.
Again... you can kinda tell how this day at home is going to go. Cleaning. 
Link to awesome blog
Try me... if you like things clean, check this blog out.


I hope you all have a great clean Monday.

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Michelle said...

Isn't Jen's blog great?!!! I love all of her ideas. I recently sorted all of Ben's legos just like she did her boys, except on a smaller scale, as we don't has as much. She lives not too far from me. :) I have a celebrity in my neck of the woods. :D I would love to see her home in person... it looks so amazing on her blog.