Fabric Poinsettia Flower Tutorial

I can't think of Christmas without thinking about poinsettia flowers. I love their vibrant rich color so much and almost everyone buys them for the season. This got me thinking about the structure of the flower and wondering if I could make one to wear this Christmas season.

Let's get started with the step by steps...which are pretty easy!
Supplies needed:
scissors, 1/4 yard of red fabric (felt), hot glue and my step by steps ;)
First Cut out a 4 inch long scallop fabric strip and 15 petals in each of these sizes.
The photos kinda say it all, but just in case you wanted a write up for it.

Step 1:
using hot glue put a thin bead of glue on the strip of fabric and start to roll up the strip. Do this for about 1.5 inches

Step 2:
Make another bead of glue and this time bunch and roll. This will make the scallop look like the center of a flower. Finished rolling all the strip.

Step 3:
Take all the small and medium petals and put a bead of glue on the end, in the middle of the petal.

Step 4:
Pinch the petal in half, gluing it together.

Step 5:
On the other side of the petals, add a bead of glue at the end, on the sides of the petal. Then pinch it together. This will make a "W" in the fabric.

Step 6:
Once you have pinched all the small and medium petals, glue on all the small petals to the center of the flower first. Make sure to push them close together.

Step 7:
Using the small petals again, go around the flower in a circle. Make sure the flower looks balanced.

Step 8:
Using all the Medium petals glue on the first row and then the second row, just like you did with the small petals.

Step 9:
Now take the largest petals (do not glue pinch these) and glue to the flower. This will give a nice lean look in the back. Cut a 1.5 inch circle and fill in the middle spot to level out the back.

Step 10:
Last, cut a large 3 inch circle and glue it to the back of the flower. This will complete the look and all you need now is a pin or hair clip.

Total time to make: 35 mins
Total cost: .50cents (if you use felt)

Now, here is the finished look on my winter church coat

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curlyqmosaics said...

That is the most beautiful poinsettia I have ever seen!!! TFS!

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Mary Ann Jenkins said...

love*love*love it!!
Thanks for the inspiration ;)

Unknown said...

Love the felt pointsettia. And I love your new bangs. Hope you're feeling better!

Unknown said...

oops, I was the unknown commenter :)

Amber Martin

Michelle Clement said...

Oooh - this is so gorgeous!! :)