Douglas VS Noble

Every year our family has gotten a douglas fir tree for Christmas and this is the first year I "think" we will be getting a Noble. I honestly can't stand how messy the douglas firs can be and I'm hopping that the Noble is much better AND CLEANER.

Here is a picture of our tree last year. You can tell that we go for the biggest tree :) It's how we roll

And here is how I used the photo. Make sure to check out Basic Grey to see what this layout is for :)


How about you? Do you like a Douglas or a Noble? Or do you just get a fake one?
This has been a discussion in our home for the last week. HELP!

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Michelle said...

I have gotten many a live Christmas trees. My favorite and has great needle retention is a Frasier Fir! Short needled, soft, lots of branches for hanging ornaments. Downside is they are a little on the spendy side. But oh so beautiful. We haven't had a real tree in about 8 years. I REALLY miss it! I miss looking for the "perfect" tree. I miss the smell and how pretty they look. We have an artificial that is prelit now. I am thinking next year, real tree!

Jen said...

We have a fake tree. Much less mess and no worries on how to get rid of it at the end of the season. Since we were in a small apartment before, we have a Charlie Brown dinky tree. I wanted to replace it this year, but DH said until our tree bites the bullet, why toss out a perfectly good tree.

The British Homemaker said...

I used to have an 8' tall by 5' wide (at bottom) tree that was my pride and joy...however it didn't last more than 10 yrs so now im just grateful for A tree!! lol I'm kinda looking towards a Norweigen Fir this year though...still haven't decided!! hehe