Summer Check List

Today I woke up feeling well rested.
Today I felt loved by my hubby and my boys.
Today is a beautiful and sunny day and I feel so blessed.

I can feel summer sneaking up on us and I can't wait. It makes me want to make a check list for it :) Check lists make me so happy and I seem to do them for each season or school break, because I'm a nerd like that. So here it is, our family check list.

Summer check list:

-Go on a cruise
-Go to the library every week
-Watch all the Harry Potter Movies, before the new one comes out
-Celebrate 4th of July
-Play in a bounce house
-Go to Sea World
-Go to the beach once a week
-Visit my brothers in Arizona
-Have a lemonade stand with the boys
-Make home made ice cream
-Teach the boys how to swim/swim classes
-Family photo shoot
-Bradley's Party
-Calvin's Party
-CHA Summer
-Camp at Zion's Park
-Friend Camping trip
-Play kick ball
-Base ball
-Eat watermelon
-Get a tan
-Visit the county fair
-Do a service project with my family
-Visit an art museum
-Ride Bikes at the beach as a family
-Go on a picnic
-Have a water balloon fight
-Sew a summer dress
-Eat dinner almost every night on the balcony
-Have a girls night sleep over for all my friends...in a nice hotel
-Ruby's and grilled cheese sandwiches
-The grilled Cheese truck
-5 Dates with Jason
-1 Date with Bradley
-1 Date with Calvin
-Through my BFF a baby shower (Mira)
-Visit Catalina Island
-Ride the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier
-Eat Funnel Cake
-Visit Knot's Berry Farm
-1 Cousins sleep over
-Have an all night crop with my scrappy gals
-Go horse back riding with the family
-Make a LOT of smoothies

Doesn't that all sound like so much fun. I LOVE SUMMER!

As promised from yesterday, here are the photos of Bradley and his new "NEW" hair cut (After the bold hair cut lol). It's CRAZY how fast his hair grows. In just 4 days it's grown so much. I would say in about 4 weeks it will be back to normal. Maybe I'll document it lol. That could be fun!
And finally...
Here is another layout I did for Crate Paper's Blog. It's for this months color challenge. You should play along if you have the time.



See you all soon

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em-il-ie said...

I'm sorry...where was vacation to East Coast on that list? You're dogging me...aren't you?

Anonymous said...

That is a huge list! Great ideas! Good luck with it. Love, Mom

akissonthechic said...

Love your list girlie! I hope I'm on one of those!! :)