The Summer Box...

About a month ago I came up with a fun idea for the boys and summer. It's more so to keep them busy and for me to do fun projects with them. I went to the store and bought about $200 worth of arts and crafts, baking stuff, random odd toys, and much more.


Last Sunday, Jason and I sat down and put all of these items in bags and placed a point value on them.


After that was done, we ( Jason made it look pretty) created a chore chart and ways they can earn points.


We started the "Summer Box" this past Tuesday and it was a big hit with the boys. Well at least it was, until Bradley opened the bird house bag lol....

Bradley: "WHAT?... I wasted 5 points on a bird house?!"


I told him we were going to paint it and that cheered him up some. Then Calvin opened his bag and...

Bradley said: "ha, at least I didn't get a little towel like Calvin (in a teasing voice)!"
Me: "He gets to make a wash puppet out of it."
Bradley: oh man! can we trade?

It's funny how bummed he was over the bird house.

Anyways, so everyday they have a choice. They can use their points or save them. I'll post pics later of the bird house and the wash puppets. In the box there are some bags that have BIG point values and same with little and there are many fun date night tickets with mommy and daddy. I can't wait for them to pull one of those :)

If you have free time before summer really gets started, do this and you and your kids will love it!


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Kathy Martin said...

How fun! Great idea! I'd love to hear updates and see pics of their projects! :)

em-il-ie said...

Genius, friend...GENIUS!

Lexi said...

This is a REALLY great idea!! Thanks for sharing. A definite sanity saver ;) Enjoy your summer boys..and that birdhouse ;) That pic of him with it is PRICELESS! Can't wait to see it on a layout-ha!!

KateB said...

great idea...will have to do a few this week for those lazybones of mine who want to be on vacation all summer without chores too! have some cute red lunch bags from Target that would do just he trick!

Chris said...

I'm linking up your summer box on my blog tomorrow (5/18) in a summer ideas post/link up. Just wanted to share. :)