Talk about a fun family challenge.

I'm not going to lie it was long and a tad hard, but we did the whole walk and it ended up being more like 7.3 miles and not 6.5 like we thought at first.

We got up early on Sat morning. Jason drove the car over to my mom and dad's, so we could drive home after the walk. They brought him back in their car and around 8am we took off.

A block out into the journey Calvin said "Mommy, can you hold me?"

I thought "oh no, we just got started and he already wants me to hold him? This is going to be a hard challenge for him!". Jason and I the night before agreed to not hold them while walking and that THEY needed to walk the whole thing. I know this sounds crazy, but come on.... kids in 3rd world countries have been walking like this forever and I wanted to see how far they could go.

We were keeping them busy with fun little things. Like...
walking along little hillsides
and climbing in trees (which they loved!)
We made a stop in the Hostess Cupcake shop along the way and got them treats

Bradley had a great time doing this...
This is how far we got in almost 1 hour. So, it was about 2 mile per hour... which is GREAT for the boys and their little legs!
Around the 5th mile Calvin was starting to not have "fun" and our daddy did this for him. So sweet! I love this photo :)
Bradley did such an amazing job, he never really complained and just did it. We were so proud of him and even though Calvin was tried he keep going. We started a game where we would count all the fire hydrants on our side of the street and Calvin loved it. we counted 64 along the way.

At the 6.5 mile mark we stopped, had a snack and let the boys play. It's funny that they had energy to even play, but they did. Then while they ate something I read to them from our newest novel.
Then it was back to walking! We were less then a mile away and both of the boys needed a break again. So, we did this again to help them relax.
Calvin was looking a little pink in the cheeks, so I gave him a tun of milk to drink, which made him happy.

Right after we crossed under the tunnel (which was 3 blocks from my mom and dad's) Calvin had enough. Thank Heavens for the fire hydrants, because they got him up and he walked the last 3 blocks.

When we turned the corner there was my mom with a camera :) cheering us on.
WE MADE IT and I'm so proud of our little family!

My mom had the pool up for the boys and we jumped right in! She also made us a YUMMY LUNCH... thanks mom! We so needed it! We had the best time hanging out with Nana and Pappy that afternoon.

On the way out of their drive way (in our car) Calvin was falling asleep. It was a new record for fastest falling asleep time lol... I wonder why???

So, here is the time break down. It took us 203 mins to walk there and 23 mins to drive home. CRAZY RIGHT?!

Which leads me to this:
I feel so blessed to live in a country where we have cars and running clean water! We have so much here and we all often forgot! This journey was amazing and again I'm so proud of our family. This was the best time we spent getting in a long time and I love how we each got to know each other better and the way we supported each other!
I feel so blessed knowing that the Mormon Pioneers were willing to work so hard and walk so far for their beliefs and our church, and that they did all of it for a better life. This experience has opened my eyes even more for the small things. Bradley taught me something when he said "The pioneers are real Heroes for what they did". So, true Bradley!

Our feet are so sore, but our hearts are full! Our Testimonies have been strengthened of the gospel and our bond as team Sonboul is better then ever

I love you Bradley, Calvin and my love Jason!


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Chris said...

Incredibly inspirational!

Cheryl Nelson said...

I totally got misty-eyed viewing and reading this!! Good for y'all!!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

What an inspiring journey! Thank you for sharing it!

Jen said...

Bravo! WTG for having them walk and I am sure that you all walked away with a great appreciation of the little things we take for granted.

Rbarakat said...

I really enjoyed this post Heidi- the pics ae fab and what a sweet memory you have created for your family!

ps. that vintage store in the other post is incredible!

Scrap Candy said...

This is SO inspiring! I adore what you guys did and the lesson the boys will come to understand from it! Thank you for sharing this!