Field Trips + Sunburn + Masks + Birds = My Week

This week has been the week of field trips for Bradley's class and I was lucky enough to go on both. Both of the field trips had TONS of walking and going up hills, so I got in a lot of workouts (which is a good thing). In fact my legs are feeling a little sore and I have an awkward sunburn within my hair part. Isn't that the worst place to get a sunburn?!
So just for fun and because Bradley LOVES seeing himself on my blog, I thought I would share the photos

 photo Files54Medium.jpg  photo Files56Medium.jpg

This last photo is of my face. Totally sunburned! Can someone say "I forgot my sunscreen"? Oh and I just found out we are going on another field trip next week. This school is so fantastic!!!!! What school goes on 4 field trips in 1 month?! Umm... our school! Oh and do you see the photo of the Lucha Libre Mask? Yep - I bought two of them for the boys. Thanks Olvera Street.

And before I go... I also wanted to share this new cover of the PaperCut Magazine. It took me forever to make these birds. Like FOREVER! I know it doesn't look like they should, but they totally did! Forming their bodies with wire and paper mache took me the whole day... I know.  So lame, but they look uber darn cute. Right?...RIGHT?! lol

 photo GCDStudiosThePaperCutSpring13CoverLarge_zps3cb84201.jpg

I hope you all have a good weekend. Our family will be spending it cleaning and THIS MOM is so thrilled about it! CHA+The Book+The Miscarriage= ONE MESSY HOME!

P.S. DON'T FORGET about this post and my Book Release Party on April 29th-May 3rd. Make sure to follow my blog for the updates. There will be lots more coming.

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Michelle said...

I am glad you had fun on Bradley's field trips. I think we have maybe 3 for the whole year!! I wish I could worry about sunburns. Can you believe.. more snow! We never have snow this late where it is still coming down and I have to shovel. Record breaking lows for tonight. Winter will never leave! I can't wait for your new book!!

The Ark said...

Love all the photos from the field trips! Those birds are soooooo cute! Love Mom

Cindy deRosier said...

Those birds are amazing!

javediqbal said...
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