Dear Disneyland

We seemed to be the last school on Spring Break, which was perfect when going to Disneyland. We walked on almost every ride and the longest we waited was around 30 minutes for a bigger rides. Which again... is not bad at all. With all the sadness in our lives, we wanted to do something special for the boys and decided to take them to the happiest place on earth. Thanks to Uncle Jimmy... we got in for free :)
 photo SpringBreak2013292Small.jpg
 photo SpringBreak201322Small.jpg  photo SpringBreak2013267Small.jpg
 photo SpringBreak201363Medium.jpg
This was the first time Bradley went on Space Mountain and he is now officially hooked. Calvin decided not to go on it, so Bradley and Mr. Sonboul took our fast passes and went a second time. I think we heard Bradley scream "IT WAS AWESOME" and kabillion times.
 photo SpringBreak201399Small.jpg  photo SpringBreak201378Small.jpg
A Funny Calvin Fact:
He likes to act super tough on the outside, but he is super tender on the inside. Almost every ride we wanted to go on (like Buzz Light Year) Calvin said "I'm scared and I don't want to get on it". The last time we took him to Disneyland was when he was 3, so he didn't remember any of the rides. Getting him on any ride was just like this photo and every time he got off the ride he would say: "I LOVE THAT RIDE!!! It was totally awesome"! So being the "good" parents that we are, we forced him to get on all the rides...except for the really big rides. Besides he was too short for those anyways.
 photo SpringBreak2013120Small.jpg
Later in the day Calvin got picked to train in the Jedi Academy. This photo makes me laugh every time I see it... being that he was staring down Darth Vedar. haha
 photo SpringBreak2013228Small.jpg
 photo SpringBreak2013279Medium.jpg
We let the boys take their chore allowance along. They both bought a sword which was around 5 bucks. Now that we are home, they have been playing pirates for days. So I can say it was money well spent by the boys. Oh and because we saved so much money on getting in Disneyland, we went for a yummy mexican dinner. Dude, it was $50 for the 4 of us.... Disneyland you are so crazy! Let me tell you though, it was delicious AND that salsa KICKED this white girls butt! I even had to spit it out. I know... real classy, but really it was CRAZY hot! It had be begging for water.
 photo SpringBreak2013319Small.jpg
We are sad that Spring Break is over, but it was time well spent. While on our break we did all of this:
  • Visited the Beach and built a sand castle
  • Had a Redo of Easter
  • Had a cousin spend the night
  • Played tons of board games and the Wii here and there
  • Ate amazing food everyday
  • Went Miniature Golfing
  • Slick track diving/go carts
  • Held and visited our neighbor's birds
  • Went to the movies
  • Visited the LA Temple
  • Went to Diddy Riese for ice cook sandwhiches 
  • Went to Disneyland and rode a TON of rides
  • Went to the Cube
  • Slept in
  • Went water zorbing
  • Went to a bubble show...which was AMAZING!
Long story short, I am grateful for family time that heals the heart. We laughed, we cried, and we enjoyed just being the Sonbouls. Something we all 4 desperately needed!

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Leslie said...

He were "good parents" to Mariah too by making her go on certain rides...unfortunately the outcome wasn't always positive! Sounds like your spring break rocked!!! You are one good mama.

Michelle said...

So glad you had a good spring break. Been thinking about you. {{hugs}}

As for the rides, my son loved them! We went to DW last summer. He was 5.5 yrs old then. For us, it was the characters. Our past trips he was totally afraid of the big masked characters.. Mickey and all of them. This time, he refused to go see Ariel. Really?? We made him. The photo pass photographer has a photo of us forcing him to go up there. then to watch him and Ariel was so funny. She thought he was the cutest little boy, even with all of his "hiding".

The Ark said...

All I can say is...."AWESOME!!!!!!!" Love Mom/Nana