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This past weekend was fun, but totally tiring! Mr. Sonboul was out of town for 3 days (for work), which gave me and my VERY active mama's boys time to bond. Thursday and Friday was packed with homework, work and getting the house clean"er". For some reason on Saturday, the boys and I woke up early...like at 6am. We had food in the house, but I just didn't feel like cooking and thought "a breakfast treat might be the way to go this morning". We were one of the first groups in for breakfast and as our server took our order, we laughed and enjoyed the company of stuffed animals. Pufful and Puppy had great table manner, if I do say so myself. Oh and we ALMOST had a new recorded of no split cups of water. Almost! lol

Later that morning we drove along the coast collecting sand for Bradley's science project, which by the way is another GREAT idea by this kid. His brain really does amazing me and the things he comes up with! We still haven't started Calvin's project, but we have some ideas and he's really excited to do the work.

Anyways, Mr. Sonboul came home around 10pm on Saturday and I was so happy to see him!  I LOVED my time with the boys and all the laughs, but I was totally beat doing it all by myself. I have to applaud my dear friends Stephanie and Noel. I had my hubby gone for 3 days and it doesn't even come close to what they sacrifice... for the good of our country. After the "non stop one parent go" this weekend, i'm titling them Hero Moms! They are such a great example in how to do it right way, when daddy is out saving the world :)

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I am glad you had a good weekend!! It is just me and my kids as well. We have made lots of sacrifices so I can be home. Greg works ALOT! I don't have help. Then for the first almost 7 yrs, it was just my oldest and I. I too appreciate all that Steph does.