What I'm reading right now

I'm not a big time "book reader", but there is a book I'm reading right now and... it's life changing. It doesn't take long to read it and it has incredible tips. Things that just make sense and will help me be healthier. Rule 11 is going to be a challenge, because I LOVE white potatoes. As for the other rules, I'm kinda already following them and they totally work! If you haven't read this book and want to lose weight... read it. I promise you'll love it. How about you? Have you read this book?

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Christina Collins said...

I'll have to take a look at this book because my weight loss journey starts this week. I started before I had my daughter and ended up getting really close to my goal weight...then I got pregnant and well - I'm the biggest I've ever been. Between Turbo Fire and this new Barre exercise I'll be doing - I am determined to lose this chunk! ....Ugh, I LOVE potatoes. They are my comfort food!

Julia said...

Nope, I haven't read that book, the only real weight loss book I've ever read was by Bill Phillips called Body For Life. I'm sure it recounts the same principles...what you put into it is what you get out of it! Thanks to your inspiration several months ago I began on a weight loss journey. I was determined this time to kick at least 10 pounds to the curb, well I've done that and plan to lose another 10 pounds. For me it's about maintaining calories...hookie right...it's an ever constant battle to keep my calories in a certain range. I've been using the MFP app and website to help with this and really keeping up with what I put into my mouth. It's not so much learning to eat the right things its portion sizes and control for me...I've always said if it tastes good I'm gonna eat it regardless if I'm hungry. So the accountablility factor is soooo helping with my weight loss journey. It's slow....oh so painfully slow, but the weight is coming off and I have you to thank for the inspiration to start this journey!!! Thanks Heidi!!!!!