The 10 Days of Romance Challenge.


For the past few years Mr. Sonboul and I have been a "little too busy" for romance. As of today... I've decided this isn't acceptable anymore! We go on dates from time to time and we still make out, but those sweet little notes and dancing at random are missing.

Today marks the "10 days before Valentine's Day count down" and I've decided to:
  • flirt more 
  • give a few tender gifts here and there
  • make him something meaty 
  • dress up really nice and go on a date
  • and the others I'll be keeping a secret, being that he reads my blog.
I've even got something planned for Bradley and Calvin :)
So over the next 10 days (leading up to Valentine's day) I'm going to woo my man... Heidi style.

AND because I know Mr. Sonboul will be seeing this post...
Mr. S, I challenge you to be more romantic than me (we are competitive like that)! May the better lover win!

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tenaya said...

Very sweet! I like the challenge! I'm making my valentine a flip book with ninjas...I think he will dig it??? I'll have to come up with some others in the meantime. :D

Nicole said...

Hehe ;) I should try doing the same, but I'm not sure I like mine anymore...