A Year In A Book and Printing Photos


I have been feeling under the weather today (nauseous) and while I'm taking it easy, I thought I should finally print my photos for the Jan and Feb chapters (Year in a Book Project). I Printed a lot of different sizes, so I can fit in more pics. As I started printing out the photos, I realized how much I use my camera... on a daily basis. 

Tomorrow I'll share the January chapter and on Monday I'll share how I decorated the cover. It's all starting to come together and I'm thrilled with how it looks!
I hope you are doing what you love today.

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Michelle said...

Hope you are feeling better. I need to get more in and print more at home. I have a so-so HP Photosmart printer. Never really tested it out for too much printing. Having issues with the online services of Walgreen's.

Nicole said...

Heidi, what print program? I need one and don't know how to get it. Hope you feel better soon. We are all sick in our house too, but I'm better than my son.

Nina Yang said...

Have a great weekend!