I couldn't be prouder! He worked so diligently on his car. At first he had no idea what he wanted to do and then it came to him... He decided to make puppy. He has had this little puppy from the age of 2 and sleeps with him every night. As soon as he said he wanted to make puppy I was 100% in! We made a plan for cutting the wood and I helped him shape the car. Here is a picture of him and puppy last year. lol notice the splint?
Nana and Pappy showed up to support him
We were really nervous for him to race this yellow car, because it was crazy fast.
However...Bradley won EVERY car and when he came down to the last car and him, we were all on pins and needles. Just beware... I TOTALLY scream at the top of my lungs. lol

I still feel like Heavenly Father is pulling for this kid, after what he went through. Each of these amazing experiences are building him back up. The moment he won he came up to hug me and he had tears in his eyes. Trying to be a tough kid he held them back, so I let them out for the both of us! lol

It's safe to say that this  "Puppy" was one fast car! Oh and that he was booking "tail" lol.

Bradley, someday when you are older and come across this post... please know that we LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I was proud of you for winning, but even more proud of you for working so hard on your car. These were your ideas and I thank you for allowing us to help support you in this fun journey. You mean the world to us!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Bradley!

The Ark said...

Congratulations Bradley! We were so excited to be there and support you in your efforts. You are the best!!!! Love, Pappy and Nana