I've got some new goals

I think it's important to always keep moving forward and to improve where you can. Currently I feel like my life is wonderful, but when I take a closer look...there are little things I'd like to polish and shine. For example... I say my nightly prayers, but while I'm laying down in bed. Or I dress up nice for CHA and dates, but not when I pick up the boys. We travel, but only in the summer time. Last year was an amazing.... fabulous year! I held Mr. Sonboul's hand more (plus made out more ;). I slowed down in areas that helped me not stress out and I played more. You can see last year's goals here. I learned a lot, but I'm not yet perfect. I also learned how much I change my hair color in 1 year. lol
Just like the rest of the world, I've set my goals and I'm going to strive to not struggle with them or break them. Hey and maybe I'll even lose more weight along the way ;)
How about you? What are your goals this new year?

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