Driving 70mph With A Tree Strapped To Our Car?


I wish we lived by some awesome forest where we could cut down our very own tree just once. We live about a 2 hour drive away from the mountains and I'm not sure driving 70mph with a tree strapped to our car (on the freeway), is the best idea. Which leaves us with Home Depot. lol
As we hunted through the pile of trees Calvin insisted on sweeping.  I took the broom away from him two times and when he grabbed it for the 3rd time I thought "this kid might be weird, but I shouldn't ever stop him from ever cleaning". 


After we found it, got it cut and strapped it to the car, we stopped for an appetizing lunch. Tomorrow I'll show how I decorated it with the fam. It's my favorite tree yet, chock full of ornaments and colors. Just how I like it.  

How about you? Do you buy it cut or do you cut it down? Do people still cut down their own trees?

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Melinda said...

I spy In-N-Out! Its been sooo long since I've had one! :) We have a fake one, but I'd love to get a real one!