Noble VS Douglas Part Two

When I did a brief post about "Noble VS Douglas Christmas trees" last year, I had no idea that it would get so many hits from google this month. I was simply sharing a fast post about our family giving a "Noble Christmas tree" a try for the first time. I now have a strong opinion about which is best and because of all those wondering which is they should buy... I'm doing a follow up or a "part two" of "Noble VS Douglas".


Noble Tree:
This tree is beautiful and I think that it's the prettiest of ALL the Christmas trees! I think that the tree lot owners everywhere know this, and it definitely costs more than other trees. It doesn't make a mess when it starts to dry out, which is wonderful! With that said... I noticed something about the smell right away. It was lacking that "oh so great Christmas tree smell". For the whole month of Dec, I missed that smell and it made me kinda sad. I never really needed to vacuum under it, but the smell was missing. The branched are strong and can hold heavy ornaments on it, if you are big on decorating them.


Douglas Tree:
It's also a pretty tree and comes in many shapes and sizes, which can cause a lot of work looking for the perfect tree. From chubby to thin in the middle, it's got it all and because the tree lot owners have them all wrapped up, you might end up with something a little bare here and there. So make sure to unwrap them. This tree is hands down the BEST SMELLING TREE on any lot, but there is one issue...they make a HUGE MESS. From the car to its resting spot in our home, you can see the path it took. As it drys out, you have to vacuum more and more... like every single day. However the more it drys out, the more it smells throughout your home. The tree has about 50/50 strong and weak branched to hang ornaments on.

How to keep them alive longer:
I'm not an expert, but warm water seems to keep the tree alive longer. I believe it's because the warm water allows the tree sap to soften and for the tree to drink the water. Do not use HOT water, just warm. Ya know the temp you shower with.

I guess if you go with a fake tree you don't have to worry about any of these issues and you can just use a candle to create the smell, but honestly I've tried those candles and the real things is so much better. Just saying! Regardless of what you pick, I have decided which is my favorite tree.

Being that I love having a real tree in our home and having the smell all throughout our home, the winner is... the Douglas Fir! Yes it makes a mess, but if I'm going through the trouble to drag a tree into our home...it should smell the best.

I hope this post was helpful and you have a Cheerful Merry Christmas.

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