Because Calvin Told Me I Couldn't Touch His Stuff!


Before you pass judgment on this photo, you must know the story behind it.

I had just finished working out and I walked into the boy's room to see if they had cleaned their room and got dressed. Bradley worked fast and was super obedient .. and Calvin? Well Calvin was literally sitting on his bed picking his nose. 

So I say: "Um, why aren't you done?"
Calvin: "because cleaning is boring and I don't want to!!".
Me: "If you don't get up right now and start cleaning, I'm going to get a bag!"
Calvin: "YOU CAN'T TOUCH MY STUFF!!!!!!!"

Listen... I don't think any of us really know 100% what to do as parents and when they push buttons after trying to be nice, we sometimes snap in the oddest ways. With no hesitation, I snatched up the  legos he was holding in his hand. I tossed it down my sweaty shirt and gave him "that mom look", ya know... I dare you to challenge me.


It was at that moment I just started shoving anything I could find DOWN my shirt, that belonged to him and yes even in my pants. And when I heard him start to laugh, I followed it up with. "Good, now that you are happy again... please clean your room" and walked back out of the room.

He cleaned the room, got dressed, and I kept my cool. It might not have been the best parenting, but it ending with laughter and a clean room.


PS Here is another reveal of my newest collection.... Special Delivery


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Peg Hewitt said...

Seriously laughing out loud!
Gonna hafta try that one!

Louise said...

Brilliant, you have really made me laugh this morning. Been there....although i didn't use my top. Shall have to try this next time!! lol!

Michelle said...

Oh boy, have I been there many times over the last couple of decades. I have gotten many a bag and packed up toys. When my oldest was about 4 (she will be 25 in June), I did it. She had a habit of completely demolishing her room. Toys, clothes, everything. I told her she helps clean it up or I throw it out. Well, she is more stubborn than the day is long and refused. So, I bagged it all up. I had a few deep closets and stash it in there unbeknownst to her. Afterwards, I took the actual trash out and the timing couldn't of been better. She saw the garbage man coming. She actually thought I was throwing away her toys. I couldn't timed it anymore perfect if I tried. Now, it didn't keep her picking things up when she hit her teens. Then, I just confiscated it. After so many times of talking and her giving me her attitude, I quit talking. Didn't say anything, just took it. I had a big box of stuff. She eventually got it back, but not for a long time.

Beth Hallgren said...

You crack me up! I've had many a meltdown moment over the years and it doesn't get better as they get older :) just the other night I came home from work after an especially stressful day and walked in to find my 16 yo holding an iPhone. His " old" phone died a couple of days before and my husband apparently thought it would be a good idea to get h a new phone... Even though it was my turn to upgrade ( I had an ancient slider) and had previously said "if anyone gets an iPhone it's going to be me!" He had a Blackberry previously. I went to my closet and had a meltdown, complete sob fest. My son came in and was trying to comfort me, basically hinting that I was getting one too without actually telling me. I felt like such a heel :P

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

hehe, you crack me up! I'm glad it all worked out! I might just have to try your new parenting technique!

Nina Yang said...

hahahahahahahaha!! you crack me up, Heidi!

Aimee Kidd said...

Fabulous parenting girl!! I think we've all been there a time or two and I would rather have the results you had than tears on both parties!

I always tell my kids if they don't have their rooms cleaned by a certain time/day (and I mean REALLY cleaned) then I was going to get in there myself with a bag and clean it. After they realize I've cleaned it and start complaining I tell them if there is something they're missing then tell me what it is and they can have it back. If not....then you know where it's going! Works like a charm! :)

Izzy Anderson said...

LOL. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

Cute collection too. Love that you do boy-friendly lines.