Almost Merry Christmas

So it's almost Christmas and I thought I would give an update on the Calvin Coal issue.
We are taking everyone's advice and wanted to give him the chance to do some service and to teach with love. I woke up at 5:30am and put together...what I thought was an AMAZING Christmas service hunt (and it was). Like always, Bradley was totally into it and then there was Calvin. He was super excited about it until he heard it was a "Service" Hunt.
We Cleaned the Bishop's office, sangs some songs to close friends and had the boys buy each other Christmas Gifts. Now let me tell you... Calvin complained and would say "I wanted to go to the snow and not clean today", while Bradley would say "This is the best day". OH MY WORD! He DOES not have ADD or ADHD or ODD. He is just spirited and crazy smart... too smart for his own darn good! He is about 75% sassy and naughty. The other 25% he is funny, sweet, and always loud. I love this boy so much, but oh man does he push buttons and 99% of the time I can handle it. He just has been on it too much lately and thus my last post about the coal.

Speaking of buttons, here is a little conversation we had the other day.

Calvin: "What does pushing your buttons mean"?
Me: "When someone keeps doing something that bothers you over and over again, that's pushing your buttons. Now please get out of the car, so I can lock the doors".
Calvin: "LADY, YOU ARE PUSHING MY BUTTONS when you tell me to get out of the car"!

Despite his nasty sassy behavior, Santa is bringing him a Christmas gift. He is still going to get Coal in the stocking with a note and a countdown chart. Letting him know that this is his last warning and next year he is ONLY getting coal. When I told him "Calvin, what will you do "if" your name ends up on the naughty list and Santa doesn't bring you a gift". He said "Oh he BETTER bring me a gift or I'll be SO MAD AT HIM". Then two hours later he was happy and laughing with his brother and giving us all xoxo's. Again... OH MY WORD!


Update on A Year In A Book:
The next Class will take place on Dec 26th.
I forgot about Christmas when I made the
announcement. Just call me a dork!
To catch the first class...go here



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I'm so excited:
we are taking the boys to the California
Rose Parade. I can't wait.


Try It:
If you haven't already heard of it...
You can track Santa Here.
We do this every year with the boys.


Make It:
You should make these for the new year.
The kids will LOVE THEM!

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Nicole said...

Oh gosh, seriously, If Calvin was mine, I'd be the mean mom. he'd get one gift, nit that's it. My son is almost three and he's so smart... it drives me nuts. Hugs girl.

The Ark said...

We just need to love Calvin (hard not to do!), accept him for his spirited little self he is, but always teach him the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of those choices! Love, Nana