A Tasty Snowman Pastry


On a Saturday morning we took a vote for doughnuts or cereal and Krispy Kreme was the champion. I personally don't like doughnuts (I always get sick from them), but in spite of my tummy we went on a family road trip and tracked down these charming snowmen doughnuts. Seeing the boys nibble on their tasty pastries and frosting on their cheeks, was a treat itself. So I decided it was worth the 15 minute drive there. These cute chill willie snowmen started the morning off with holiday cheer and were a splendid a.m. feast.

How about you? Are you a doughnut or a cereal Lover?

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Jenn V said...

I love both but I'm supposed to eat gluten free. :)

Love those cute snowmen.

Trine Brandt-Lassen said...

I love pastries, but I do not Like frosting! Would go for Cereal.... Lucky Charms, which we luckily cannot buy in Denmark :-) Happy Holidays!