A Fresh Christmas Color Combo

Saying that I "like" advent calendars is a bit of a understatement. In fact Mr. Sonboul said... "how many advent calendars are we doing this year?". Which made me laugh. This year we have a Lego AC, a date count down AC and this pretty AC. 3 is not bad...right?! I think this obsession stems from my childhood and loving to open each little box. The daily wait was thrilling and almost agonizing. Now here is a funny Heidi fact, I'm REALLY sick of green and red. Like I hate the colors together! Am I alone on this one? Maybe so! Anyways, this year I've banned all green and red combos for holiday decor. I wanted something fresh and pretty. Something wintry and new. So I started with orange and ended up here.


It might not tickle your fancy, but I think it's shiny and new (like a virgin lol). This advent calender is from Silhouette and they have some really cute box die-cuts  I'm loving day 5, 7, 10, 13 and 20. All of the little boxes have treats, toys and items for the boy's mini Christmas Tree. Like ornaments, lights and a charming gumdrop star (I'll post about that next week). What's in each box?
  1. Chocolate coins, noise makers, Christmas lights
  2. Sprinkles for cookies, ring pops, garland for boy's tree
  3. White chocolate pertizzels, star ornaments, movie night treat (Elf)
  4. Ornaments and suckers
  5. Gingerbread house window jellies.
  6. Blue and purple mustaches, chocolate coins, ornaments
  7. Trail mix and chocolate coins
  8. Ornament melting beads (Santa and penguin), ribbon candy
  9. Candy canes, snowflake ornaments, snow ball gum balls
  10. Lolly pop ornaments, mini stamps, sixlets 
  11. Star ornaments, slime, chocolate coins
  12. Snowflake ornaments, Santa chocolates, slinkies, chocolate coins
  13. Ornaments to paint, chocolate coins
  14. Snowman ring pops, ornaments, family field trip to see Christmas lights
  15. Family field to the snow, candy bags, ornaments
  16. Family field trip to see the LA Temple lights, peeps, lolly pop ornaments
  17. Family fields trip for Christmas caroling, Santa chocolates, whistles
  18. Crystal snowman and tree crafts, trail mix, snowflake ornaments
  19. Cupcake baking, chocolate coins, colorful snowflake ornaments
  20. Funny glasses with nose, chocolate coins, snowflake ornaments
  21. $20 for each of the boys...to buy each other a Christmas gift (shopping field trip), star ornaments
  22. Whoopee cushion, ice skating field trip, Santa chocolates
  23. Christmas treasure hunt, wood folding toy, colorful snowflake ornaments
  24. Window snowman jellies, lolly pop ornaments, Santa chocolate
  25. Santa ring pops, mini stamps, candy canes, Santa chocolate, chocolate coins
That might have been too much info, but maybe not. Either way, I hope you dig this ideas. 

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Gina said...

Super cute!!!!! I waited to late to pick up an advent calender this year....... so I will be making one!

Cindy deRosier said...

I love Advent Calendars, but I'm all about the red and green. Maybe it's because it isn't cold where we live, but I don't like the cool silver/blue color combos for Christmas. I think of Christmas with warm colors. I love red and green with browns and golds.

Leslie said...

Hating red and green sounds like the Grinch to me! That's what Christmas is! Just sayin! But, I love the advent calendar. It looks great (not like Christmas but great nonetheless)

P.S. Your boys are spoiled :)

Jenn V said...

This is so much fun!! I love the different box sizes! I've never done an advent calender (I don't have any kids) but I sure like yours. Great color scheme too!