I found myself TOTALLY emotionally eating

Remember this check list?
Yep...it's getting to me and yesterday I found myself TOTALLY emotionally eating and not just a little! Like... at dinner time I wasn't even hungry and I still had pasta and green beans. This is why I was writing out everything, so I wouldn't eat from stress. Dang It! Today, I'm going to do my very best to get back on track and start the day with a GOOD sweaty workout. Those always make me want to eat right. All that workout for nothing??? because I eat too many calories??? That makes me realize it's not worth it at all and it always helps me get back on track. To those that have my number or are friends on FB, help a fassy sister out by calling and messaging me (asking this questions) "Hey, did you workout?". Knowing that phone calls are coming my way... I'll feel motivated :)

One of these days I won't let stress bother me, by thinking "food" is what comforts me best. One of these days!


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The Ark said...

You can do it Heidi! You only fail when you give up. Pick yourself up and do it again! We are proud of you and your efforts in loosing weight! Love, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Please!!!! I have failed ALL month and I am still looking forward til tomorrow... Love ya, Tam :)

Leslie said...

Oh Heidi. 2 steps forward and 1 step back still leaves you 1 step forward. My only advice is to reduce your list so it's not do overwhelming. Not sure how to reduce it but even cutting 1-2 items would help. Your rock and I'm excited for a weigh in no matter the number just to know you are holding yourself accountable.