A Never Ending Checklist

I know that I'll get everything done on my list, but llama mama... I feel like it's never going to end. This is the first time in a while I've felt this stressed out and having a checklist helps me not want to eat as much. I've been trying not to fall back on old habits and so far I've done ok. It's odd how I crave more carbs and sugar when overwhelmed. Is anyone else like this?

So here is the checklist.

  1. Finish my Book by Dec 31st
  2. Plan and teach Crafts for RS (church women) Nov 27th Done
  3. Christmas Dinner for RS (church women) Dec 4th
  4. Mr. Sonboul's Christmas work party and finding something cut and fassy to wear. Dec 8th
  5. Finish Catalog Cover for GCD and photograph- Done
  6. Finish the cover for The PaperCut and photograph- Done
  7. Thanksgiving dinner Done
  8. Go Downtown LA to shop for flowers Done
  9. Christmas Photo shoot for friends - Nov 24th
  10. Set up a meeting for Bradley IEP- This next week
  11. Lose Weight - working on it
  12. Mr. Sonboul time off from work for secret meeting (we have a BIG project in the works)
  13. Register Company name- shh Done 
  14. Put together an online class for GCD (I'll post about that later)
  15. Christmas shopping and wrap gifts- First 2 weeks of Dec
  16. Christmas
  17. TONS OF CHA WORK (which needs a checklist of it's own) Now- Jan 11th
  18. Plan Wedding for Tanya (my BFF's sister) - Done
  19. Tanya's wedding set up Dec 28th
  20. Finishing touches of setup and run the reception- Dec 29th 
  21. Clean our house (lol I like how this is #21 on the list) Done
  22. Help Bradley with Cub Scouts and paper work
  23. Home work until school is out for Winter Break
I'm sure if I keep going I'll find way more things to do. Can you see why I want to eat?!
Like I said before Oh my llama mama! 

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wendipooh13 said...

that is quite a list!!!!! WOW girl!!! so does register a company name, mean what I think it means??????

The Sonboul's said...

Maybe :)

Leslie said...

I think that I just feel bad for you. I like my life of a 3 and 1 year old. They don't add things to my list yet...unless you count the park and riding bikes as part of a list. Make sure you take time to enjoy the season girlie!