A REDO On The Weight Loss Journey!


This last 3 weeks is a MUST... "REDO"!
I haven't gained ANY weight...thank goodness, in fact
people are starting to tell me
"You are looking thinner Heidi".
But I'm pretty sure that the sugar level in my blood is up there!

Everything went a little crazy when Mr. Sonboul and I started
our "mad dash" to finish my newest collection. We were staying up
so late every single night and I started missing workouts. I tried
to get them in here and there, but the lack of workouts clouded my
judgment with sweets and late night snacks. 

I feel sore again and I'm feeling sluggish.
It's amazing how fast you can undo all the HARD WORK!
I almost feel like I'm starting at day one again and it SUCKS.

The odd part is that I still feel a STRONG drive to lose weight, it might just
be the fact that I'll be on a cover of a book that's causing this motivation. Whatever it is, I just
slipped a little...okay more than a little and I'm going to do something about it!

Before it gets out of control and I put back on the 30lbs I 
lost, I'm starting a new today. I'm recommitting to the
"everyday workouts and no food past 7pm".

Without those I just don't lose weight and I only drop 1 lb. a week.

So today, I'm giving myself a redo and keeping my double chin up.
I'm saying Hello to week 8 and goodbye to sweets.
I can feel my finglers hesitent to write these words, but I know that's just
the fat girl in me. I'm already missing the boost of energy from not working out 
and taking care of me. I will not let 31 be another Fassy Year! 


I'm coming for you 40lbs and I won't let chocolate, ice cream or pie stop me!

How about you? How is your weight loss coming along?

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The Ark said...

Congratulations Heidi for hanging in there! Many times you will continue to loose inches but not pounds, and then all of a sudden drop a few pounds. We are proud of you! You are doing great! Love, Mom and Dad

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

Congratulations on your weight loss...keep up the good work. Remember to that not getting enough sleep also contributes to a sluggish system. Losing the weight is hard, but is so worth it. Make the changes and stick with them. Unfortunately our bodies have a hard time adjusting and like to go back to the status quo. Good luck

Lalo said...

HAHAHA Love the read and I think I need to get a calender like this for my own weight loss because what I'm doing is not working. Congrats on the pounds shed and on the ones to go!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

LOL at "keeping your double chin up.."!! You can do it! Good for you for declaring a redo and committing to the change.

P.S. Any hints regarding your collection?

Michelle said...

You can do it Heidi! The reality is when our journey is long we are going to have times where life happens and we get off track. That's going to happen too after we lose the weight. What is so much more important is that we realize it before we lose our desire and get back at it. Which you have done. What you have already accomplished is amazing and you can get right back at it and finish what you started. :)