30 Days: Day 2


Dinner Time:
Growing up in a home with 6 kids was
crazy. There was a lot of teasing and fights 
over anything and everything.
It didn't matter if we were fighting or not, 
but just about every night we ate dinner together
as a family. I know that this happened, because 
mom took the time to make it happen 
and made dinner every night.
Regardless of how tried she was, she 
always took the time to feed us. Not only that...
she would also make us different meals.
She never forced me to eat meat and
allowed me to become a vegetarian at a young age.
This is because I've ALWAYS hated meat.
She is a wonderful mom and I'm grateful
for every single meal she cooked.


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1 comment:

The Ark said...

Thank you Heidi. That means a lot to me. Eating dinner as a family is so important! It gives you time to talk with each other and make plans for the next day. As a child we always eat dinner together, right at 5PM everynight. Love, Mom