Moving Onto Week 10

I'm still losing weight, but slowly.
This week I lost 1.4 lbs. I was sad that I didn't get my 10%,
but it's okay. This last week was really busy and I'm still not
100% on my "working out everyday". I've been working out,
just not everyday. Last week I got in 5 work outs, this week
I got in 4 workouts. With Calvin being sick this week, that's 
good enough for me. PS he totally threw up all over the car.

Over all, I'm now down to 282.8 lbs. I want to break 280 so 
bad. Let's hope week 10 will be much better and I can get a
number over 5 again :)

Happy friday everyone.

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Blogger Ashly said...
oh that teal and black color pallet has me inspired!! Great projects to get my creative juices flowing :) Thanks for the chance to win

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Ashly said...

Yea!!! So excited I won :) Thanks so much for the giveaway.

Ashly Margritz
19915 Sea St.
Brady, NE 69123

Shemaine Smith said...

You will get there Heidi I feel your determination in your writing. As moms we are rarely as good to ourselves as we should be. I am so sorry that poor Calvin has been sick. It's only natural that his needs came before yours and your workouts this week. Losing is the goal and you did lose this week so be proud of that acheivement! Keep on keeping on friend and you might just be surprised at the # next time!

The Ark said...

You are doing fantastic on the weight loss:) Keep up the get job! Sometimes there are bumps in teh road, we just have to jump over them and move on. Love, Mom

JennV said...

Hey, 1.4 lbs is still weight loss! Please don't be so hard on yourself!! 4-5x/week is still awesome to work out. Keep it up. You will get there!!!

Ashly said...

Hey there!! Just wondering if you have sent the prize out yet?? I am going out of town and need to let the neighbor know to keep an eye out :) Thanks

Ashly said...

Just got my goodies!! Got home from out of town to a nice surprise :) Cant wait to use them all up!! I am in LOVE with the papers. Thanks Again