3rd Times a Charm

Last Saturday night, Mr. Sonboul and I
finished our 3rd collection. It's a fun summer collection and
I love it so darm much!
Hopefully you'll see both of my new
collections at CHA Winter.


Calvin is still sick with bronchitis.
I'm putting up the white flag.
As a mother... surrender to the cold weather!


Bradley got his first report card this week
and it was all good news. 
I'm so proud of him and how hard he is working.
He's such a good boy.


Mr. Sonboul and I have a rule for movies in our home.
You may not see any PG-13 movies, if your under 13.
About a week ago, we decided to make an exception.
We let the boy watch the Avengers.

Umm... It's now all they talk about.


Because my birthday is on Halloween,
I love to pick our costume's theme every year.
This year...being that the boys are in love with the Avengers movies,
I let them pick their costumes for the first time.
Bradley picked Captain America and Calvin Thor.

They now think I'm the coolest mom ever.
PS They have already hurt each other
with the shield and mallet.


Today starts the 10 day count town to my 31st birthday.
Wow... 30 went fast!


I ate past after 7pm on Sunday night.
Just wanted to be honest.
Oh and Mr. Sonboul totally caught me sneaking M&M's.
In fact when he caught me, he scared me and I screamed


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Anonymous said...

Way to go, guys!

Amanda Coleman said...

I'm with you on the PG-13 stuff. We let our 8 y.o. watch Iron Man and the Avengers and now nothing else seems exciting. He is going to be just fine if he waits another 5 years. :)

Nicole said...

LMAO. So he caught you in the candy jar. I'm literally laughing because it probably sounds like my Edward when I catch him... he loves them too... and he will say, "mommy, you scared me." lmao.