"I Will Drive You To Prison Myself!"

While driving in the car Calvin says
"When I grow up and I do graffiti someday... will I go to prison?"
I took a moment and questioned everything I've been doing as a parent.
I collected my thoughts quickly and said
"I will drive you to prison MYSELF!"

Oh Calvin. Oh Calvin. Oh Calvin.
WHY in the world are you thinking about these things at 6 years of age?!
You are so weird and a life of crime will not be allowed in our home.
Just to set things straight!

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Michelle said...

I am right behind you!! I think I would drive my kids too. :) I told my now 24 yr old back when she was a teen, she would want to stay in that holding cell, cuz I would ring her neck if she got into trouble! LOL

The crazy things kids come up with. :)

Cindy deRosier said...

Totally cracked me up. I suppose if he's going to be a criminal, at least he's chosen a crime that lets his use his creativity...

The Ark said...

Oh Calvin, what a character you are!!! We love you just the way you are, never never change. Love, Nana