Feeling The Burn and Putting It Out With Tears.

Let me start by saying
I called Mr. Sonboul yesterday, almost in tears and left him a message.
It went a little something like this (in a whiny voice).

"I'm so tried and sore. I'm trying so hard and I think my body is slowing down and I'm about to hit a plateau. I'm so mad at how many carbs I ate over the weekend and that I ate after 7pm, 2 nights in a row. I'm not going to let myself cry over losing weight, but I'm so frustrated! Okay.... That's it, bye".

After I called him and trying to get myself out of the funk, I pushed myself in a tough morning workout. Later in the day I got this email from Mr. Sonboul. It was titled

Hang in there:

"Hey Cuddle Bunny,
Hang in there. Remember. Every week is not going to be a stellar week. Don't beat yourself up over a couple of days. Also remember that you had your visitor this week and whether you think so or not, it probably affected how your body held onto stuff. Don't sweat it (Well definitely sweat but don't worry about it).
I am proud of the great strides you have been making. Even if you are not losing weight fast, you are changing your eating habits and that is worth a whole lot. Your self control is definitely improving and that will help you in the long run.
Love you."

So Tender Right?! Sometimes I get really mad at this guy over day to day life and how I like things cleaned, but this just got him major brownie points! He has been my best cheer leader over this past 4 weeks. After working out and seeing this message, it made me snap out of the funk. The workout really helped and again, I didn't stress eat. 

Oh and I figured out why the numbers stopped going down. I was trying to make up for the "bad eating and too many carbs" and started eating too little (not using all my points). My body started holding onto the food as if I were starving (something Mr. Sonboul taught me). When I noticed I was doing this and fixed it, the numbers on the scale started going down again. Like right away! It really is a math game people! You have to put in the right numbers to solve the problem. Other wise you are left with a 0 in weight loss for the week. 

Tomorrow I start on Week 5 and yes I'm still super sore and it hasn't really gotten easier. Yes I still want to eat everything in site, but it's getting better each day. Yes I still LOVE Zumba and am still sweating like a pig. It's been 4 weeks and I haven't eaten anything out of stress and my jeans are getting loser.

I'll let you all know how I do at weight watcher tonight, in tomorrows post.
Thanks for all your support.


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allison @ itstoilegood.blogspot.com said...

having a day like you described! totally needed to read this! and I am gonna stop starving myself and eat what I'm supposed to! Thank you for the inspiration!! High five!!

The Ark said...

I am so proud of you Heidi. You are awesome, an inspiration to others, and you can do it. My a wonderful husband! Love, Mom

Leslie said...

Only you can convince yourself that you can do this. Everyone can offer support but in the end it comes down to Heidi wants to live a long life for her family and self. Don't give up. It's worth it and results will come.