An Amazing Teacher-Back 2 School

At the end of my Weight Watcher meeting,
I say to Mira (my BFF and doing WW with me)
"So we found out who Bradley has and his name is Mr. Killeen"
With a fast response she says
"I totally know who that is! I subbed for him once at a different school and when he came back, I saw him with his class. He is a GREAT teacher".

The next morning, we all get up and get ready.
Bradley decided to rock his hypnotizing shark shirt and I "influenced Calvin
to wear his "THE MAN" shirt + yellow pants.


How do I feel about backpacks?
I NEVER buy my boys backpacks with cartoon images
and I always stick to bright happy colors.

Just a fun little fact.
I found these at target and I love them.


We went to school early, so I could get some good pictures of the boys.

And when the bell rang, we went to check in.
I am really excited knowing that Bradley has a male teacher.
And yes, it was the same teacher my BFF was talking about.
It's almost as if the Lord knew I would lose it...if we didn't get an amazing teacher for Bradley.
He is super excited to teach and has a lot of fun stuff planned for the kids.

Calvin ALSO got an AMAZING teacher.
She is strict, which is what Calvin's personality totally needs.
She doesn't yet, but runs a TIGHT ship.
She is smart and amazing and I just love her.


After school was done I say
"On a scale of 1-10...1 being the worst and 10 being the best, how was your teacher?"

"Oh mommy, he is sooo fun and he said he doesn't believe in yelling at kids. He is a 10. No 2X10=20. 3X10=30!"

"Oh that is just what I wanted to hear!!! And you Calvin?"

"A 1!!!"

"Why are you giving your teacher a 1?"

"She kept saying ... "Calvin sit in your chair" and "Calvin do your work and stay in line!" She's so mean mommy!"


It was a great start to what I thought would be a disaster. I still think 4th grade is going to be really hard and we as parents will have to push Bradley to catch up :( but never the less, we know he can do it. So there it is. Our first day went well and I didn't stress eat!

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Shemaine Smith said...

They are such handsome boys Heidi. Yay for great teachers!

Michelle said...

The look on Calvin's face outside of school is comical! It made me chuckle. Glad they had a good first day. My baby headed off to kindy last week. Each day, he asked me to lock him in a closet and not send him. But, when I pick him up, he is all smiles. She is firm, but is such a hands on kind of teacher. Instead of bogging little ones down with a ton of worksheets, she finds alternative hands on ways to teach what they need to learn. As much as she can. I like that.

Cindy deRosier said...

Yea!! So happy to hear this!

The Ark said...

What blessings! The boys are soooo cute, love them just the way they are! Love, Mom/Nana

Anonymous said...

Boy, they are getting big!!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, they are getting big!!!!