The Story Of Sandy And The BIG O'L Fish Tank.

On the way to decorating for a wedding reception,
I say to Mr. Sonboul
"If you want, you and the boys could get Sandy a new fish tank."

I say this with the thought of moving up to the next tank size.
Later that night I come home and OH MY WORD...
There it was... a BIG O'L Tank...WAY bigger then I thought it would be.
I know it's probably my fault, because I didn't give the exact size I had in mind.

It's hard to tell by this photo, but this tank is massive for 1 fish.


Once upon a time I took Bradley to the state fair and at the end of the
night I convinced the man running a ball toss game, to give Bradley a fish.
I said
"I know he didn't win, but you know that fish is going to die tomorrow.
Just let him have it and we'll give it a good home".

Because the fair would be over in two days, the guy agreed and gave
Bradley the fish. I took the thing home, thinking it's going to die and I made
the effort to be a cool mom.

SIX YEARS LATER Sandy the fish is still alive and yes...even getting bigger in size.
Thus the reason for a new tank.


I HATE FISH and yet I've come to love Sandy.
Now I have to look at this BIG O'L fish tank, which will only allow her to live longer.

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