A Secret I Want To Share, But I Need Your Help!

Okay... so I have a problem...well I guess a "GREAT" problem...
I have been given an amazing opportunity and I'm 100% taking it.
It involves me saving 80 something layouts, so that it can be "put together"
(I can't say how, but lets just say "PUT TOGETHER" for now).

This opportunity is something I've always wanted to do. Share my work
and having it be in stores just blows my mind.

Okay, so here is the problem. It takes me 2-3 hours to do just one layout
and in order for me to make 80 something layouts... I need to keep them
a secret and save them up for my deadline.
Which means, will I ever post a layout here again? At least until I'm done?
Like what if I make a layout for the blog, but it turns out awesome and I
want to use it for this project thing I'm working on?

Maybe I will start posting cards here? Maybe altered stuff? Maybe home projects?
What to do...what to do?! What do you think I should post about?

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Alia said...

Congrats on your opportunity - sounds so exciting! Your posts are always interesting... don't worry about what you'll be blogging about... you already share great non-layout posts! :)

Glue Meets Paper said...

OOooo super congrats! I am hoping its a Signature Series type thingy, I would snatch that up in a heartbeat missy ;) Anyways-- I will be bummed to see your layouts disappear for a while...but you're always so creative with your techniques....maybe you could share unique techniques instead?