Finally A Layout

I can't believe it's been 21 days when I last posted a layout.
Holy jojo beans... that's a long time for me.
I made this layout for Cosmo and it was in the newest issue from CK.
I have two layouts in the issue, but this one is cuter.
It's not often when I get to work with pink and my niece's shirt
matched the collection (I was given to work with).


Don't worry people, I wiped all the important info off her ID.
I was asked to keep it clean and simple and I guess for me this is "clean and simple".


Before I go. 
Tonight I weigh in at Weight Watchers and I'm super nerves. I put forth the work this week and haven't missed a workout (6 workouts out of 160). I hopping to see a good number and I'm not going to lie, I'll be totally pissed if not... haha. I worked and sweated way to hard this week to not see a good number. I might try and film it and if I do, I'll post a video here tomorrow. That could be fun right?!

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Emilie LaCokine said...

Good morning Heidi!

How nice to see a layout! I love the pictures, they are very good and a bit funny. And the papers are very pretty. Thanks so much for your answer and comment on my blog. I'm starting to feel a bit lonely in the blog community. It's nice to know that someone is listening somewhere. I'm gonna post a few layouts in the next few days and I really worked up that layering technich you talked mentioned about Stephanie Dagan's blog. Hope you'll enjoy it!


Cindy deRosier said...

Very nice seeing a layout- I love it! I'm guessing the rest of the layouts are destined for the Secret Project? Good luck with your weigh-in.

wendipooh13 said...

super cute and sooo love that page!!!!

good luck with the workouts, I know it's hard.. I totally have to get back on the bandwagon and get back to them!!! I LOVE exercising, but I've gotten out of the habit, time to make it!!!

Cassie said...

Love this layout! Just saw it a couple days ago in my issue of CK :)

I've been on a weight loss thing too, down 15lbs so far but rapidly losing motivation. I still work out 3-4 days per week but the eating kills me! If you want a dirty sassy weight loss blogger try googling Mama Laughlin ;) Good Luck tonight!

Lalo said...

AWESOME layout!!!

Diana Waite said...

VERY nice layout! good luck at WW!!!

Shemaine Smith said...

I love the colors of this layout! Those shades of yellow and pink make me swoon.Yay for her passing!