Dry Hair And A Party In A Box

I wanted to keep my hair blond for the last month of summer, but something went
totally wrong! I used an ultra fast lightening color, but it really dried my hair out
and oh my was the color yellow. haha
I told the boys I was going for a super hero look.
I tried fixing it, but in the end I decided to go dark early.
I'm actually kinda glad I'm a brunettes again. 
In about a month I'll go even darker.
When I do, I'll show you how I do it for curly hair. If you don't know,
curly hair can go horribly wrong with changing the color. HORRIBLE! 
It's so bad that I've taught myself. I don't trust people.


Another fun thing.
This pretty little box finally showed up on Tuesday.


Doesn't it look like a party in a box?
I don't know if I'll be filling like "it's a party" when I start sweating, but
either way I'll let you know.
I love that it comes with so many different workout videos.
And the fact that I get to dance. Umm...yes please!
Have any of you tried Zumba and lost weight?
Please do tell.


Oh and that weigh in at Weight Watchers...
I took my video camera to film the results and as I stepped on the scale, the batter died. 
I'm so bummed because I had a GOOD number for the first week. A GOOD NUMBER!
The lady weighing me in said "Oh my...you did amazing!" with an approved thumbs up.
I totally had to agree because I lost...

6.4 lbs!

I'm telling you people, it's all about eating less, moving more, and keeping track. 
Whatever makes it fun to do those 3 things... DO THEM and you will see results.
Next week I'll try and film my weigh in again and what I look like after finishing Zumba.
I'm a sweaty pig. It's pretty funny. 

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Cindy deRosier said...

6.4 is great! Congrats and keep it up!

wendipooh13 said...

way to go!!! and that zumba looks soooo fun, let me know how you like it.. I need to get on my Zumba wii 2:)

Leslie said...

I feel like such a dork doing Zumba!!! But more power to you. Congrats on a losing a POUND EVERY STINKING DAY. You are awesome.

Shemaine Smith said...

That does look like fun! Dance it off girl!