Scarves, Drugs and Pneumonia In The Summer

Last Friday I went to the doctor's to get some drugs for what I thought was "bronchitis".
4 days later I went back (yesterday/Monday), because I spent the weekend feeling like I was dying.
I started to cough up blood and the amount of sweat coming out of me...eww! I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure that is bad...right?! Plus I felt like my left lung was bruised.

After my visit with the doctor and her ordering an X-ray, I found out that I had pneumonia on Friday when I first went in. That even with 4 days of strong meds, I'm still really sick and now down to "only" bronchitis. Oh and the bruised lung... yep I have one.

I now have new medication to take for 10 days and some cough medication. I normally don't take cough meds, because I don't like feeling drowsy. So I take what my doctor says and holy cow was I drowsy. I couldn't walk straight, I was talking really loud (so Mr. Sonboul says) and I was asleep in seconds once it kicked in.

So today I'm home on a beautiful summer sunny day. It so stinks!
I wish that I never got bronchitis 8 years ago. NEVER get it people... it never goes away!
Sad face!


PS Oh and if you are wondering how I got this, because I normally only get it in the winter? I caught it because I was in the AC way too much. Crazy right?! Don't we all love AC??? Apparently it's my kryptonite

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Nina Yang said...

I feel your pain Heidi :( Hope that you will feel better soon XOXO

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

You poor thing...Feel better.

wendipooh13 said...

poor girl!!! get better soon!!!! and yup I've gotten DANG sick from the AC before!!! totally not cool

Amanda Coleman said...

Feel better soon! No fun at all. :(

Pam Callaghan said...

:( feel better soon, that stinks!

Beth Hallgren said...

Poor baby, you need a hot toddy :)

Mary-Anne V said...

Oh that sucks...hope you are feeling better today.