5+1= Happy Birthday Calvin

It's safe to say that every parent loves their child.
Which is the case for me and my boys.
I'm a total believer that God knew and matched us perfectly with our sweet babies.
Bradley's sweet and tender personality & Calvin's feisty/quick to come back sassy ways
suits Mr. Sonboul and I so well. 

On 7-25-12 Mr. Sonboul nudged me to wake and as I wiped the sleepiness
from my eyes, I realized that I overslept. I rushed out of bed
to make my famous birthday pancake tower, before Calvin would awake.
Normally I'm up and ready to go, but last night I stayed up way to late catching up on a few
favorite shows and wrapping gifts.

One by one, each pancake was stacked with perfect placement and ready to present to the birthday boy.

Knowing that the LONG yearly wait was over, Calvin was thrilled while we sang him happy birthday.



Once the candles had been blown out, Calvin loved taking them off. 
I'm planning to scrap with these candles, being that they are 
so darn cute looking. 

I NEVER reuse them and the more colors they have...the better.
I LOVE buying new candles for every single birthday :) 


Happy Birthday Nie Nie...WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH X a kabillion!
Thanks for being ours and making us laugh. Thanks for all the daily snuggles and kisses in the 
early morning hours. For holding my hand and being so cool.
Here's to another year with you.

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Leslie said...

You're a good mom...that's all...