Workout at 6:30am?

With the TV off at my goal time, I headed off to bed at 10:30pm. I laid myself down and then it began...
I tossed and turned for far to long. I started thinking about this week and all the things I needed to get done. I started making checklists in my head. I started to worry about the boys and "how will I ever keep them 100% safe for the rest of their lives?". I'm brain was going a mile a minute and it was driving me crazy!

So here I am, back up and it's now 11:43pm. Please tell me this happens to someone else out there!
I wanted to go to bed early, because tomorrow (Monday) I'm starting my workouts back up. I wasn't planning on this to happen and 6:30am is going to be here so darn soon.

Maybe if I put my checklist here... I'll stop worrying about it.

-Workout at 6:30am
-Take boys for our morning summer walk.
-Get GCD stuff done for the day
-Make sure Bradley works on his math
-Make sure Calvin practices reading
-Get Bradley to swim class
-Get a show in before 9am
-Plan car stuff for our family vacation
-Move around stuff in front room, so the floors can be redone
-Eat Healthy
-Make a Dentist appointment for me

Okay...do you see why I can't sleep?!
Alright, I'm going to go and try again. Hopefully writing these things down will help. Hopefully!

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