Oh bangs! Part 1

Right before my birthday I desperately wanted a change. I was turning 30 and so I think most women want a change at 30. Any who... After seeing a chic friend one Sunday at church, I decided that bangs would be the way to go. I really don't trust ANYONE cutting my hair because curly hair has a mind of it's own.

About a week before my big day I went into the bathroom with a pair of sharp scissors and committed. Snip...snip... the first few hair fell into the sink. I have a thought to myself  "Oh CRAP... that looks crooked!". Snip...snip... snip... "Oh CRAP... that side is shorter". By this time there was NO turning back and I had a whole lot of forehead to show for it.

I flat-ironed them and thought... "Oh man they are short (while I let out a nervous giggle), but I can rock these".

I have had 3 haircuts my whole life. Long, Medium and way too short (thanks to my sister). So I thought bangs would be new and fresh. something different. Well, I decided to show them off to Mr. Sonboul and called him to the bathroom. As he turned the corner I saw it all over his face "oh....wow". I say "So I wanted a change and I thought bangs would be fun"... his response... "yeah...fun!".

I say "Are they that bad?" He says "Do you want my honest opinion?" I nod and he says "You look like Michelle Dugger". Gulp! I was trying to not look like a frumpy mom and now I've been lumped into the same category as American's #1 frumpiest mom??!! No offense Michelle.

I decided rocking a messy bun would be best and so over the last few months I've had an up dew. As the bangs grew so did my confidence in the bangs. I now love them, but I learned a few important lessons.

1- If you have curly hair and you want bangs, flatiron them first so that way the hair doesn't bounce up
2- trust someone to cut them for you. It's a little hard to see what you are doing with hair in your eyes
3- My hair grows SO SLOW! haha
4- My hair down with bangs looks like Michelle

Alright... here is how I looked over the last few months.


From these photos you can see that I was slowly lightening my hair. I thought being blond would help it lol.
Tomorrow I'll show you why Mr. Sonboul said it looked like good ol' Michelle.
See you then.

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Diana Waite said...

they look GREAT! I tend to cut my bangs myself in between hair cuts--my hair grows FAST, so if I screw them up I can say--hair grows right?! LOVE the color too!

Tessa Buys said...

I really like the November length :). I've done bangs but they don't mix with being a dance teacher very well. You're rocking them, though!

meganklauer said...

Heidi you're still super cute no matter what. But I did have to giggle abit about the Michelle Duggar thing. :0)

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

OMGoodness, I spit my diet dr. pepper all over my keyboard when I read the Michelle Duggar part!! Too funny! Although I don't think I would have ever compared you to her. Tell Mr. Sonboul he needs to watch a some "cooler" shows that have girls with bangs ;) lol lol
I'm in the same boat though, I never seem to cut them straight, then you have to trim this side, then trim that side. Oh well, maybe someday crooked bangs will be in style :)