Just call me Marlin

I own it proudly.
I know... I'm totally a Marlin Mom.
I think it started when Bradley broke his leg at 9 months old. Oh man, that was a sad day. 
I've spent years protecting him from "bad guys", crossing the street the right way and yes 
even chewing his food the right way. I know people... cut the 
cord. I get it.
Here is the funny thing, I'm not even worried about him as a teen. I know that by that time 
he'll know everything I can teach him about right and wrong and I won't sweat it. Really I'm 
not even worried about the teen-years. When he's 19 and can go on a mission for our church...
I hope he gets to go foreign. I'm that relaxed with it. It's just while he is little and still learning right 
from wrong, I'm a little crazed.
Today Bradley is going on his FIRST field trip.
Yes, he had field trips in 1st and 2nd...but like a Marlin Mom... I didn't let him go. There were so many reason why I thought going wasn't okay. Each year Bradley was so sad... I know
people I'm the lamest mom alive, but I DON'T CARE.
It took me 4 days to deliver that boy and darn it, he isn't going to brake another leg on my 
I promised Bradley that after he got Baptized/turned 8 and in the 3rd grade I would let him 
go on a field trip. That day has came sooner than I thought and here I am freaking out a
little...um a lot.
I know that he will be okay, but worrying is just what I do.
I'm sure he will come home talking all about how great it was. I'm sure of it.
However, it won't stop me from worrying over the next couple of hours.
So here's hoping that anxiety won't get the best of me today and that I don't put on another 
Here's hoping!


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The Ark said...

Heidi, so you! I love it! Love, Mom

Amanda said...

I can't wait to know how you feel after he gets back! You are a good momma! (and the fish pic with your faces is totally fun!)

Leslie said...

Poor Bradley with his protective Mama! Ha ha. You are crazy if you think that you will ever feel like he ever knows the difference between right and wrong enough to trust him but I guess you can keep dreaming. Just remember that no matter what, no moms are allowed in the MTC :)