I failed...

At project 365 in 2011

Well... I wouldn't say that "I failed", but I will say that I didn't take photos everyday.
I love taking pictures, but somedays were a little hairy and overly busy.
I have no idea if I will 100% complete this new year of 365 photos, but in my head I will ride into the sunset on Dec. 31st with all my photos taken and numbered.

Ya know this year is not really 365? Being that it's Leap Year it's really 366. Oh crap, an extra day to worry about?! lol. Fingers TIGHTLY crossed that this will be the year for me and my camera. To get this party started I have 3 photos to share. I don't think I'll post about this every week, but I'll see. I guess it depends on my mood as always.


I got two yahtzees on each game this night (it was a late game night). I was on a roll and taking Mr. Sonboul down! If you notice too, whenever I miss something or get a 0 I draw a little ninja. I'm not sure why I started this, but I thought it was funny and odd enough to fit my personality. 

Also, I have a layout to share today.
I used all American Crafts in the paper goods department and used my Martha Stewart butterfly and daisy punch. I used vellum to create the daisy and butterflies. I loved the light airy feel to them.


One last thing before I go.
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your kind words and loving thoughts. 
I was so nervous to share my collection and as a crafter it's the most vulnerable way to put yourself out there.
When creating the collection Mr. Sonboul and I must have changed things around a million times. Then finally I felt like it was me. A girl who loves bright and happy things and who just wants to dream big and laugh. 

I'm on cloud nine today and it's because of all of you.
From that warm and fuzzy place in my heart... Gracias!

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Tessa Buys said...

I LOVE that triangle treatment on your AC layout! So awesome. Good luck on your 366 project! You can do it :).

Jennifer Chapin said...

Cute layout, I love those colors! I am trying photo a day and project life this year....we shall see!