Here it is...my new collection Oh Happy Day


I'm so thrilled to be sharing this collection and am so grateful for the opportunity that GCD Studios gave me to design it. Please do share your thoughts, because I love hearing from you all.

First a layout

The "circles into square" idea came from the sweet and talented Davinie Fiero

The 12X12 pad and it also comes in a 8X8


Emily Rose

Myra's Pearls








Abbie's Sunshine


Amber's Avenue

Chipboard Letters

White Rimmed Brads

White Rimmed Paper Clips

Border Strips

3D Chipboard Stickers

Die Cut Tags

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AnitaRex said...

First of HUGE HUGE Congrats for designing your own line! So smart of GCD Studios to have had you do it! So happy for you Heidi! Secondly could I love the line more? The papers are so sweet and the colors!!!!! I love them! I love that the pad comes in an 8 by 8 so great for us card makers! WOW! And I love what you've named the line Heidi it's so you and so perfect for the line!!!! You are going to have such fun at CHA showing off your new line and I KNOW it will be a success!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Diana Waite said...

this is SO exciting!! this line is BRIGHT and FUN--love it!

Nicole Nowosad said...

WOW!!! I LOVE this -- the colours are amazing!!!

Katie Watson said...

Wow. I am super impressed. Very very cute. Love the colors. :)

Becky Garrison said...

Oh wow! I love this! The colors and sweet patterns really do make you HAPPY!!!

Leslie said...

Ahhhh! I especially like the "Mariah" paper! Whoever gave you the inspiration for that deserves something big. wink wink!
Heidi, you did an excellent job. It is darling in every way. Let me know how I can purchase it.

P.S. who is Meagan?

nerllybird said...

It's gorgeous, I love the colours and the fresh patterns, particularly Chloe, I could use that over and over again. Congrats on the collection, sooo exciting :D

Amy Heller said...

WOW!!! SO awesome, Heidi!! Congrats!! It's darling!!

Carolynn said...

It's adorable just like you! Congrats!

Emilie said...

Ummm...why isn't a paper named after me?!! Ouch.

Aly D said...

heidi, i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! huge congrats! it's gorgeous!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Congratulations! How exciting! You did a fabulous job! I love the colors and the bright sunny attitude. The papers totally reflect your sweet disposition. :)

Julie Bonner said...

Awesome collection Heidi - love the mix of colors and patterns :)

I'm just a simple gal said...

I love it :) You rock!!

Cindy said...

Congratulations! You created a beautiful line! Now, hoping that someone around me will carry it!

Wendy said...

Such a beautiful and bright collection! The patterns and colors are inspiring.

Elizabeth said...

I love this line its totally cute!!!!!!!! Way to go on creating a collection with the fruit, labor, and love you put in to it!

JULIANA said...

FINALLY!!!! WTG Heidi! I am so excited to see that this has happened for you! Everything about it is amazing and I hope I can get my hands on it sooner than later!

Cris Cunningham said...

Oh my goodness! This is absolutely beautiful..so colorful and fun. Congratulations Heidi!

Shannon Hager said...

Wow! How awesome! I love the Emily Rose paper- both sides, definitely my favorite!

Samantha Sibbet said...

wow heidi, congrats! this is very exciting! the line is beautiful, something that I definitly want to get!

cnelson said...


Kristin said...

Huge congrats...I'm in awe. The collection is great and I wish you the very best!

Sarah Webb said...

Congrats! The alpha font is fabulous and I'm a sucker for yellow alpha! The colours are really versatile.

MattV said...

Beautiful collection, heidi! I super love it! Those chevron clouds are great...I would buy and hoard that paper. :)

JennV said...

That last comment was from me, Jenn V and not my husband Matty V! :)

Kathy Martin said...

This collection and page ROCK!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

I absolutely adore this line! Fabulous colors and yor layout is awesome!!! Congrats. :)

Olivia said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I *love* the Chloe paper - so excited for Spring!! You did such a great job!

Pammejo said...

Congratulations!!! Love the collections.

Ann Cicilie said...

Congratulations! I love it, it's so fresh and happy! Can't wait to take a closer look at it for CHA!

Rita Barakat said...

HEIDI!!!This is so exciting! Huge congrats to you sweetie!!!It's fun and bright and happy just like you!

Lisa Risser said...

HUGE congrats to you! I am a fan of your work and now to see a line you designed is just awesome. LOVE everything about this new line and it will be a "must have" for me!!!