WLW- Week 4 and GREAT NEWS!

HELLO and good morning to you all!
I'm in the best mood and after you watch this video I think you'll know why 
(Remember turn the music off at the bottom)
And action....

Can you believe that, even with that lame 1 pound week loss (during week 3) 
I lost 17lbs in one month.
Here is the nutritional info for Golden Spoon and their store locations
Really try it if you can.

On Monday, Dec 5th I started my 2nd month. 
I'm feeling stronger and healthier then ever.
I'm so happy I started when I did and that I didn't wait for the
new year. That way by the time New Years Eve hits
I'll be way ahead of the game and hopefully fitting into something like these dreams come true
look one, look two, look three, look four (I found it on Pinterest sorry no link)

So until next week, keep up the good work everyone
and push through those holiday food trials.
I know you can do it!

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Diana Waite said...

GOOD for you!! that is FANTASTIC, it's true moving and watching what you eat are the keys to success--schedule in that time to work and do not interrupt it for ANYTHING! Keep going--YOU are AWESOME! :)

Maria said...

Wow, I´m so proud of you!! :) I need to get back to my morning exercise.. Thanks for the motivation!!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

That is really something to be proud of :)
You are on your way!!!

I'm just a simple gal said...

That's FANTASTIC!!!! WTG! KEEP UP THE LAME WORK :) :) Hey what ever works, right!

Lulu said...

You are so cute!! Congrats on the 17lbs!! :)