The day after I turned 30

Let me start with yesturday made up for this last weeks LONG and drama filled 7 days of trials!
Without going into to many details, Mr. Sonboul and I got in 3 disagreements, we had our other car get towed { I know right?!}, my sweet nephew was rushed to the emergancy room for an appendicitis, the boys were being extra naughty and fitting a tons and almost everthing got under my skin. Normally NOTHING gets under my skin because I had a really ruff upbringing being the last of 6 kids and living in the "ghetto". Anyways, seeing last week leave was very welcomed and most of my plans didn't pan out :(

However, life goes on and so Mr. Sonboul and I are redoing it on this week. Mr. Sonboul will be turning 37 on Nov 10th and we are doing up this week.

Being that I already bought some of my gift I'm counting from there.
1) Pomplamoose concert
2) Got out car out of the pound
3) Found my key :)
4) 1 large mirror
5) 1 beautiful blue bowl
6) 1 stand for the bowl
7) 1 chunky candle holder
8) 1 large glass hurricane
9) 2 gorgeous pillows
10) 1 mint condition typewriter
11) Got my eyebrows waxed
12) Bought this Q&A book
13) Saw that Emilie Ahern "my sister by friendship adoption" ;) {I love you em} Did a blog jack
14) Was given these GORGOUSE skate


15) Was give this Beautiful necklace
16) 1 pie, balloons, flowers, my favorite homemade Spanish rice and a birthday hat from my BFF Mira {She's the sweetest}
17) Mom and Dad took the boys and I out to lunch/dinner at my favorite restaurant
18) Breakfast in bed from the boys
19) and later today a relaxing pedicure
20) 1 black Vintage phone for our home

So, starting today I'll finish up my other 10 items and start Mr. Sonboul's 37 birthday items. Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday on Facebook, called, emailed me and left a comment on my blog.

My 30 years young heart is so full!

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AnitaRex said...

Hi Heidi I am so sorry to hear that life has been filled with drama! What a week! It sounds like it was hard to keep your head above water! Love your gifts and your list! Your hubby shares a bday with my daughter! You know what I am up to till than? Making 15 tutus wish me luck and have fun doing it up!

Hi, I'm Vicki said...

happy 30th birthday, sorry your week has been harsh!! I love your skates though - so cute. have a great Wednesday xx

Shemaine Smith said...

OMG those skates are even better than you described!! Woo Hoo for Do overs! Love ya!