The Halloween costumes that took me 27.5 hours to make

If you know me, you'll know that I LOVE themes and get a little obsessed with getting them perfect. WELL a few months ago I decided I really wanted the boys to dress up like the 3 musketeers for Halloween. About 3 weeks ago we took a trip to Joann's fabric store and I let the boys pick out all the fabric and colors. Cost: about $140.oo

With a stressful week or two, I had to keep putting them off. I'll tell you, I have never been as busy as I was the last two weeks of October. Everything hit at once and I had no choice but to put certain things off and that's not my style at all!

Anyways, on Saturday (oct.29th) day around 2pm I started to finally cut out the costumes. It took 7 hours. This is because I bought 1 pattern and had to resize it for Bradley and then Calvin, plus the cape alone had 10 pieces to it. Then from 10pm-4am I sewed and sewed throughout the night. I went to sleep at 5am and got back up at 8am {3 hours later}. I sewed and sewed and sewed until 9pm that Sunday night (yes, I even missed church to finish them on time). When the last item was sewn and the boys tried them all on... I just about cried from joy.

I made sure to take pictures and here they are. The costumes that took 27.5 hours and yes... they were made with perfection! I made sure of it.

Here is Calvin-

Here is Bradley-

Here is Mr. Sonboul {looking foxy}-

And here are my 3 musketeers-


Now... what to make them next year??? I promise I'll never learn my lesson, because seeing them in these makes me want to do it again and again! I had some time to scrapbook and so I made this layout using these cute photos of my 3 heroes.
Yep- I used a lot of American Crafts :)
The end....until next year!

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Shemaine Smith said...

Wow those turned out even better than the picture I had in my head when you described them! So So fun!! Great layout too! You're the best mom ever friend.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Definitely worth it! Those are amazing! And I love that you already have a layout showing them off!

Rebecca said...

those costumes are awesome! i cant believe you got them done! the layout is fabulous too :)

Leslie said...

These look awesome and completely professional. If only I had those kinds of skills. Jealous!

I'm just a simple gal said...

OMG, THEY ALL LOOK SO GREAT!! You did a fabulous job on those costumes!

Glue Meets Paper said...

Heidi I love everything about this post!! Those costumes are just so cute and that layout- to die for! Great work, as always!