A new uses for the cropadile in your home

We all love our privacy and when our apartment blinds break... I can't stand waiting for the manager to come and fix them. The other day I had an epiphany... "If the We R Memory Keepers cropadile can go through hard plastic, I bet it will go through the blind's plastic!!!"

AND GUESS WHAT... IT TOTALLY CAN! So here is how you can fix your blinds with just a few easy steps.
Here is the broken side. I think the boys broke this one with a ball.

Step 1) Flip the blind around, so you are holding the end
Step 2) Find the middle of the blind
Step 3) Punch 3-4 holes making a rectangle shape
Step 4) Put back in place with the other blinds.


Whalaa... you now have a fast way to fix your blinds! Don't you just love fast fixer uppers?!
Thanks We R Memory Keepers for making such a GREAT tool for scrapping and our "home repairs".

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Kathy Martin said...

I always say that we scrappers have better tools than men do!!! ;)

Gina Lideros said...

Wow, what a useful tool. I will keep my crop a dile in mind next time I have blind issues :)

Rebecca said...

Soooo funny--we do the SAME exact thing in our house. Those blinds drive me NUTS and they are constantly breaking. My husband is always asking where is that "THING" that punches belt holes (the other task he uses it for lolol!!)?

Alberta said...

Ingenious! That's what I call a multipurpose tool.

Judy G said...

Love it! I use mine for other household chores too!