Hello Fall


As always... I'm obviously obsessed with check lists and so I have created yet another one for this fall. Hey, what can I say...I'm a creature of habits and I'm a-o-k with it.

1) See the leaves change
2) Play in the leaves/leaf fight
3) Make an apple pie
4) Make my mom's German strudel
5) Go to a farmers market
6) Make 5 different soups
7) Drink warm apple cider
8) Help mom cook for Thanks Giving
9) Carve pumpkins
10) Find the perfect fall boots
11) Find the perfect fall sweater
12) buy something orange
13) celebrate my 30th birthday woot...woot!
14) celebrate Mr. Sonboul's 37th birthday
15) Make Halloween costumes {for the boys}
16) Go trick or treating with the boys
17) Go to a concert
18) Do a Halloween craft with the boys
19) Do a Thanks Giving craft with the boys
20) Take a family fall photo
21) Build a fire and snuggle
22) Go on a hayride
23) Eat an apples
24) Make Chili
25) Watch Hocus Pocus
26) Eat a soft pretzels
27) Take a road trip
28) See our newest nephew be blessed
29) Go black Friday shopping
30) Make something cute for the boys teachers
31) Scare someone and laugh
32) Have a game night with friends
33) Have a girls night out
34) Buy sunflowers for our home
35) Make pumpkin bread
36) Go to a Halloween party
37) Buy a new scarf
38) Take someone home made braked goods
39) Listen to General Conference
40) Watch the sun set at the beach
41) Bake the pumpkin seeds
42) Try not to gain any weight this fall!
43) Stay in jammies all day long- as a family
44) Go to a foot ball game
45) Make a scrapbook fall album
46) Buy Fall Candles
47) Go to a pumpkin patch
48) Make a wish on a wish bone
49) Color my hair dark brown- done
50) Read fall books to the boys

As you can see I've done #49. I just like having dark hair in the fall. Maybe it makes me feel mysterious...maybe it's because my eyes look really blue...maybe it makes me feel smarter?! Whatever it is... I just like it and that's reason enough!
Here are a few more photos from the photo shoot.

One last thing. Make sure to check out the Basic Grey blog. I have a layout posting there this week. Here is a sneak peek of it.

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Emilie said...

You're beautiful!

Sarale said...

Uuups...it´s totally new here :)
I like the new layout and your actual photo!